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What is domain names and DNS

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In this lesson, you will come to learn and know all about domain names and DNS.

whilst you kind in a website, e.g. your laptop has to carry out a research to translate that deal with into something it is aware.
The pc appears up “” in a massive listing, and translates the deal with into an IP cope with.

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An IP address is a listing of numbers which tells the pc a way to find the correct web server for the web website you asked for. An IP deal with is typically within the shape of four numbers separated by means of dots, as an example The maximum for each range is 255, so IP deal with range from to

(observe: there is a new shape of IP addresses referred to as IPv6 that’s six numbers separated by using “:” characters. you can think about them as being basically the identical concept however longer numbers! So don’t be burdened if you see an IP cope with that doesn’t look like – it’s simply an IPv6 cope with.)

This ‘big list’ where the laptop seems up the IP cope with is called the area name device, that’s regularly shortened to DNS.

whilst you sign up a site name, as an instance, you have got possession of that address. you can factor it at any IP cope with you want.

The area name is just a call – it doesn’t include an internet host… for that you need to get a web host! See our earlier lessons on net website hosting to recognize the way to do that.

There are some of organizations which provide get admission to to registering new domains. while you purchase a domain call you can log into the portal the agency affords and edit the DNS facts in your domain name.

So, possibly whilst you sign in the area name you’ve got already bought a web host. And you understand that your net host has assigned you the IP address
so that you can log into your DNS carrier and change the IP cope with associated with your domain name to

This causes the DNS modifications to ‘propagate’. this means that the massive list of DNS addresses is up to date everywhere in the international. now and again this takes a few hours.

Then, whenever you type right into a browser your domain call, e.g. the computer will look up your area call, discover the IP cope with ( after which it will ask your net host for your internet site.

At this point the web server software program in your host will reply. and you already apprehend something about how this works from our in advance training!

Now you’re beginning to get an idea of the entire workings of the internet and internet browsers in greater element. This knowledge will assist you greatly as you discover ways to create web sites.

Enjoy and share!

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