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top 3 variation between wordpress and blogger

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Variations between WordPress and blogger (blogspot) blog

Mainly variation between word press vs blogger. In this episode, I will be sharing with you all the main differences between wordpress blog and blogger blog, for anybody that chooses to set up and design his/her blog on wordpress platform it has the reasons and benefits of using wordpress platform likewise to blogger blog.

Without beating around the bush that much, let me breakdown the main variation between wordpress and blogger blog, so that whenever the thought of starting a blog in any niche of your choice, you can be able to decide the best platform that suits your task.

We have many blog niches that people go into to blog about, blogging to me I described it as an “online publication,” a place online where you share the information’s and solutions to problems you are passionate about, be glad when sharing it too.
Let’s start
1. Design
2. Indexing
3. SEO

Now let me start elucidating on the aforementioned highlighted variations
DESIGN: in wordpress as a blogger you need not to know much of programming languages but at least there is need to acquire it to make your wordpress blog/website looks attractive also with the aid of themes and plugins been it free or premium, easy setup after purchasing domain and hosting packages all you need to do is to login to admin dashboard on your cpanel then activate wp on it then start your design and you are good to go live online.
But on blogger blog you need to have small knowledge of css and java scripts languages to explore blogger.

INDEXING: to how far I have gone with blogging life, I recommend wordpress the best indexing platform for your blog, if you really need your blog to be indexed quick on Google, I recommend wp for you. To blogger blog it takes some times before it could be indexed

SEO: SEO here is an acronym and it stands for Search Engine Optimization, this also is one of the hardest task for a blogger to be successful. On blogger you need to work hard on templates by steady coding, setting up your backlink, tags, building of audience, renaming of image titles while uploading into posts plus setting up of permalink.

On wordpress, no need to set nor design anything. All you need do is to send plugins all the task you need to do they will accomplished the mission for you, get the appropriate plugin for your task then start your lovely blogging live in the aspect of optimization.

This is the end of today’s episode of our elucidation, enjoy, like our fb page, drop comments and share with your friends, loved ones and families.

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